How to Wear the sporty trend? Today, we’re sitting in the office wearing our XXL sweatshirt and Adidas sports trousers, relieved that a fashion revolution has occurred: jogging pants and sneakers are now socially acceptable! Because what was formerly considered disrespectful or even improper is now a hot trend with its name: athleisure attire.

What is athleisure wear?

Athleisure clothing combines the words “athletic” and “leisure wear”. The titles already hint at what it is about activewear for everyday use. We now wear something we used to just wear to the gym.

Functional apparel looks excellent when appropriately combined in the office or at a party. The basic idea is simple: as a style break, sporty items of clothing, such as track trousers or crop tops, are blended into “normal” attire. The daring even wear athleisure from head to toe, breaking it only with trendy streetwear accessories like boots.

How do you combine the athleisure trend?

Incorporating sports fashion into your daily life is easier than you think! We’ll teach you how to progressively approach the trend and what you should consider as a fashion professional.

Sports shoes and accessories

If you don’t want to show up to work in sports leggings, you can tone down the athleisure style with sports sneakers. Sports shoes, however, do not always qualify as athleisure when worn with trousers and a shirt. Only by breaking up the look with a midi dress or pencil skirt can your ensemble become modern sports chic!

Accessories such as Tennis socks, in addition to sports shoes, can be used to dress up your clothing. The socks don’t look too out of place when paired with sneakers, a denim jacket, and a casual statement shirt. In the workplace, the socks can be worn with suit pants, flashed out of ankle boots, or even worn in heels. Sports bags, particularly sporty fanny packs, have taken the place of our shoppers – they not only add a cool touch to your outfit but are also extremely functional.

Sports-chic pants

Those who are more daring wear sports pants. Athleisure pants are available in a variety of styles, such as trendy “Adidas stripes,” slits in the pant legs, neoprene leggings, and extra-long track pants.

Athleisure tops: sweaters, jackets, and more

Anyone who enjoys wearing hoodies and large sweaters has the perfect foundation for crafting a hip athleisure style. We no longer just wear XXL sweaters at home; we now wear them over dresses, with pleated skirts, and suit trousers.

Of course, fashionable sports coats can be worn as eye-catchers over every day or workplace attire. Bomber jackets, for example, may be worn in a variety of ways and provide a sporty touch to any ensemble. College jackets can also be removed from wardrobes.

Sports style dresses

There are also dresses in athleisure styles. Long sweaters are frequently worn with sneakers and a leather jacket, although sporty clothing (e.g., with stripes or neoprene inserts) can also be worn casually.

The sports trousers can be worn casually (with a shirt or XXL sweater) or formally (with a top and heels). You can experiment with new stuff here. Depending on the cut of the pants, you should ensure that your silhouette is still shown to its best advantage, otherwise, you will quickly look like a couch potato.

For which occasions can I wear athleisure?

Athleisure apparel can be worn for every event and at any time of day because you can choose whether the ensemble is more elegant or sporty.

Athleisure in the workplace
Naturally, it depends on your occupation and how free you are in your clothing selection. However, in general, it is preferable to focus on individual sporting highlights at the office. In most offices, a complete appearance is unwelcome.
A tight-fitting sock with longitudinal stripes at the ankles appears both classic and sporty. We dress simply in a white T-shirt or a blush, with a long-sleeved mantel.

Athleisure in everyday life
For a shopping trip, a long day at university, or a vacation with the girls, we put on comfy, wide-cut jeans and our favorite sneakers. This goes well with a simple shirt, a turtleneck sweater, or a crop top. A classic cardigan is a must-have on cold days.

Afternoon Athleisure
Sporting accessories should be worn to a party or a luxury meal, regardless of the occasion. Tennis socks in high heels are our personal fave. This was always thought to be a no-no, but with the rise of Athleisure Wear, the hybrid is becoming more popular on the streets.

Conclusion (Athleisure: How to Wear the sporty trend)

Finally, athleisure has emerged as a popular design trend, providing a smart and comfortable choice for those wishing to incorporate sporting features into their everyday clothes. You may create versatile and fashionable outfits for numerous situations by combining athletic clothing with casual or more elevated pieces.

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